Imagine having cancer—and on top of that, not being able to meet your basic needs. That is why Joy’s Network exists. No one should have to endure the immense stress of an illness while trying to put food on their table or keep a roof over their head. We will all need help with one thing or another in our lifetime. When our lives are plentiful, we share. When we struggle, we receive.

A snapshot of who we serve and who you are helping when you donate to Joy’s Network:

  • A woman who has not eaten for days because she ran out of food and money while undergoing chemo treatments.
  • A family in jeopardy of losing their housing as an adult member is in treatment and cannot work to pay the mortgage.
  • A woman living in sub par living conditions w/out running water while receiving chemotherapy treatments.
  • A woman who goes without essential medications because they are too expensive to fill.
  • A man recently diagnosed with cancer who was homeless, living between his car and hotels with his son.
  • A family who temporarily lost their housing while their young daughter was being treated with chemo and radiation
  • A woman whose breast cancer has metastasized and is receiving treatment
  • Women with all stages of breast cancer who have had to undergo mastectomies, reconstruction,chemo and radiation treatments
  • A man whose income is dramatically reduced as chemo and radiation treatments compromise his ability to work.

How We Help:

  • Gas cards for travel to and from treatment and medical appointments
  • Grocery cards to provide nutritious meals
  • Rent and Mortgage assistance
  • Utility assistance
  • Payment of medical bills and prescription costs
  • Assistance with prescription costs
  • Health care premium assistance
  • Referrals to local and online resources