What Families Have To Say About Joy’s Network…

  • “Joys network is the best not only did they help me out in a huge way and my family but they have been here for me like a family and for that i thank them in a big way.”
  • “Some time ago, your network helped my father during a difficult time. I am so grateful to you! Thank you! He recently received another surgery for his liver cancer and is awaiting a transplant. We have not reached out much but was directed to you and the resources you provided were so helpful. All of this is so new to me and your network was truly my first point of contact for help and you made it so easy and welcoming! Greatful for you all!”
  • “We would Like to Thank Joys Network Volunteers, they did a Tremendous job all weekend through the heat, and for a great cause! Please keep them in mind, they are there for a great cause, and are great people to work with!! Thank you all so much, this wouldn’t have went so smooth with out you!!!” Joepeanuts House of Wings, Monadnock Up In Smoke BBQ Event 2013
  • “Thank You Joy’s Network for all you do for all who are in need…You were there for us when we needed you…I cannot express how thankful I am…My husband Lost the battle but so appreciated for all you did for us…May God Bless You in all You do….”
  • “Hey if you don’t know about Joy’s Network… its the best non profit around. They helped me out during some very difficult times. Like the Facebook page. Share with friends. Get the word out. Amazing organization that help many people! Spread the love<3”